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April Fools 2011

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At this one web sim game I sometimes visit, NationStates. Users were greeted at login to big red warning messages telling them that "There have been 337 bad login attempts since your last successful login," and just under that message was another one saying "Warning: You have made too many Regional Message Board posts in a short period of time." Even edited national mottos to things like “-~==HAXX0RED==~- Choose a better password next time! ha ha" Plus a few other things.

They did something for the NS forums as well. (seeing as a lot of people, like myself, only really use the forums now) Everyone got the rank of admin, bolded red names and all.


Post the april fools finds from this year,

I will start since it's past midnight in the EU now this was released.

Spotify in the US

Nice one. lol

On a side note... That has to be one of the worst comment layout styles i've ever seen.

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