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Accelerated Evolution

NEED the original Debut with Bonus disc I posted here 4 years ago!


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This is BEFORE I re-did the debut and had the guest singers, it was the original album.. with the even more important to me original BONUS DISC with songs like "China White" I know 99.9% of you must have changed hard-drives, deleted them etc, just like how I lost all of it on my external, and had it backed up on AE which of COURSE had to have server issues and switch.... anyone who can help I am willing to PAYPAL ANY AMOUNT. Seriously.

Thank You, This is actually needed for more than nostalgia.

- 2 0 0 7 - tim wilkins (timwilkinsart.com)

(Tanni Foemangler) !!!

01 - Tramadol

02 - Rose of Thorns

03 - Asfixia

04 - Pariah

05 - Mecha

06 - The Year I Disappeared

07 - Magnum

08 - Note to a Friend

09 - Your Gone

10 - Satellite (Galexia Offline)

= Play Time: 47:49 =

I am still talking to 2blossoms about when they are going to allow my actual release of this CD, they are currently on tour with VAST and very busy. I've had it finished mixing last week, so I decided I need to get some feedback before it goes live and on sale.

I thought it'd be a cool Idea to post the album here for all of you guys to hear and toss some feed-back, since you guys have followed and supported Galexia since the beginning and I owe you guys alot.

So this is it, the real deal... first official Galexia CD.



<a href="http://www.accelerated-e.com/Galexia/Galexia.rar" target="_blank"><a href="http://www.accelerated-e.com/Galexia/Galexia.rar" target="_blank">http://www.accelerated-e.com/Galexia/Galexia.rar</a></a>

So yeah, post your honest feed-back guys, I wrote this all and performed it myself, also did the mixing / mastering myself (What I plan to goto College for, so take note of the mixing while listening). I think it is easily one of the most Depressing albums lyrically, as It really is just me pouring my heart out. - And yes Faulty, please download aswell and post what you want, you being a metal head now I'd value your feedback aswell - Don't be scared :P

----BONUS DISC----

I've decided so all my hard-work on the tracks I ditched don't go to waste, I'll include a second disc of bonus material to download

01 - Elation

02 - Axiom

03 - Moon Shoes

04 - China White

05 - Ashtray

06 - Malphas

07 - Let Go

08 - Goodnight

Some of these songs are very different than the actual album, although they are very good aswell so they should be heard =]. "China White" for example is a fan favorite, and is a synth heavy 80's style pop song. Elation, and China White are ment to be dance tunes, Axiom, Ashtray, and Malphas used to be on the Self-Titled album until I removed them, Moon Shoes, Let Go, and Goodnight (along with China White and Elation) originally where intended for the second disk of the self-titled album, which was going to be a "Chill" album, with the first disc being heavy and dark. - The label told me they would not be able to support me with a double disc album, so I ended that right there - so heres the bonus tracks for you guys to enjoy.

<a href="http://www.accelerated-e.com/Galexia/Galexia-BonusDisc-.rar" target="_blank"><a href="http://www.accelerated-e.com/Galexia/Galexia-BonusDisc-.rar" target="_blank">http://www.accelerated-e.com/Galexia/Galexia-BonusDisc-.rar</a></a>

Also, if you feel some of these songs (1 or 2 of them) should replace a song on the current album, please speak up. I still have two weeks or so until I need to submit this to the label, maybe even a little longer.

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damn dude you got me excited -sigh- IF ANYONE has it, I will give the rapidshare info to upload it..... anyway I'm gonna post a song I did for fun to sound like Nirvana In Utero style as if it was recorded in a Garage *Sort of was* I mixed a "Clean perfect Version" that sounds way too modern, so I dampened everything, max Ambience and Overheads on the faders for drums, Vocals in a bathroom, Guitar and Bass inside the big storage closet outside on my second story terrace balcony thing. Using Portnoy sticks.... Vocals recorded with a Rode NTK Condenser microphone no RFI being picked up as the clip keeps the mic cord away from the boom stand - I let the VU Meter on the recording console get above -5 VU for vocals ah fuck it I'll post a thread...

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