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Fun Nirvana(styled)/Grunge in a track recorded in one take into an ASP8024 Analogue Console!


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Sounds like shit. but on purpose. Explanation below - The idea was to make a fun song that sounded like In Utero era Nirvana but as if it was recorded in a garage with a tape player, Kurt Cobain style scream (Came out sometimes like that mixed with some Smashing Pumpkins at some points) idea was so I could record in one take, and write in less than an hour and basically not mix at all just for fun... so I did.

This is the ASP 8024 set up I have been using.. and just note this thing is amazing, ignore what you HEAR in this song as quality, as what I have been recording for the actual new upcoming CD sounds amazing. here's some photos and the Youtube video with the song.

youtube vid of song

SONG: Galexia (Grunge: - "Happy People Say" (you'll hear variations of "Happy People Say", "I'm Your Big Mistake", "Take Me Out of Here", and finally at the outro "Save the Happiness!!"

Recording Console:

-DRUMS- *Note, I broke the rule, since wanted distortion and garage sound the VU meter was pushing above 3 at max at all times, but read below to understand how its really done etc)

Let me point out that the first 6 faders you see (4 up 2 down, I was calibrating it) are all drums, the first is the kick but you hear everything else due to bleed etc, so even though I purposly didn't want the mix to sound good, wanted it to sound good, I still EQ'd the kick... then the snare is the second fader (Louder than the kick? on my music?! no way!) If anyone here knows recording consoles for mixing drums, you know that mixing just a snare = hell since you hear the whole kit.. so naturally I gated it just to sound like a metronome click (This is a professional standard and always has been..) then mess with the threshold on the gate, the release needs to be extended you get the exact snare hit you would have heard minus all the drum bleed (still a LITTLE but barely any). Thats all the mixing I did for drums on this, I wanted ambience and Overheads at MAXIMUM to pick up the room and sound garagey and terrible. - for example the standard for kick drum is to bring it up to -10VU (Shure Ribbon Diablo), Snare to -9 or -8 VU (SM 57 centered at the upper left of snare), Toms to -14 VU (used e603 small tom clip microphone), Floor Tom -15-16U (Used the big Senhesser STAR TREK PHASER mic in the photo ;) ), Hi-Hat around -12 VU (shure SM58) , Overheads are up to the engineer but generally VERY low but using the 3:1 rule (Example is times 3 distance) so my SHOTGUN mics (insane for overheads makes no sense) had been 9 feet above the symbols), ambience also very low but depends on the sound of the kit. (Used a Binuareal head to capture Ambience)

Once you set each fader and solo it so you just hear that track you look at the VU meter to make sure its at that VU. then you listen to the whole drum recording and notice the VU is +20 and clipping and your like "OMFG WTF" don't panic its organic. - At ALL TIMES you never want a mix to hit into the red, Yellow is okay if its for dynamics in a song, you always want it in the green around -4 or -6 VU. (You have to change and balance every drum part again when add the rest of the instruments and vocals) Note a RIBBON MICROPHONE was used for the kick drum *Ribbon Microphone will be destroyed under such pressure except for the new Shure Diablo which uses Rosewellite which allows the ribbon to never break under tension for +48 Volt Phantom Power (lol any other enganged in phantom power the ribbon would rapidly go haywire making a clicking sound until it completely tears apart into 1000 peices within about a half a second)

-GUITAR- *Also Pushed VU meter into the red but not Max by itself between 2 and 3, added HUGE DB and distortion with drums added*

Used my new Fender Jaguar Re-Issue series... sunburst and it looks exactly like Kurt Cobains from Live at the Reading (although that was a Mustang).

Triple microphone technique. Rode NT1-A, AKGC414 and a Shure SM57.

SM57 Right Side of Cone, Rode NT1-A Center of Cone, AKGC414 left side of cone

Had 3 guitar Tracks, just like you have to do with drums, I had one track all the way to the left, and another all the way to the right and transfered them to the small faders, at -8-10VUish, while having a large fader centered of the same track just a different patched reverb for the distortion centered at -12 VU (Added together an amp would read 15 LOL VU meter was all in the red ofcourse.

-BASS- *VU maxd out on console lol...*

Used my Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass with the EQ on the track put to increase the Lows by 4DB and low Mids by 2DB, Increase High Mids by 1DB.

3 Microphones again, but this time only 2 infront of amp, one in the back.

Rode NT1-A in the back, AKG C414 studio NOS recording technique with the Shure SM58.

Just one bass track was used on the console, this was pushed up to Unity Gain (0DB) and then the compresser (Middle right side in the image above board) I Compressed the bass sound, EQ was nice, made it hit max VU on the Compresser, then transfered it to the stereo bus in the routing matrix and used the BOARDS compression as well just for the track!

-VOCALS- its just me screaming the same few lines Over and over No effects with the patch cables, Recorded at 1VU (Standard for vocals is -5VU) Doubled another track at -8VU

Used a Rode NTK Condenser Monster Cable to help prevent RFI (sometimes if its around the boom stand you can pick up radio if you let the cable touch the boom stand). I used my regular Click and Pop Filter, Followed by a mini one RIGHT infront of the grill of the microphone to dampen the sharp of my scream and I WAS allowing alot of saliva out that the click and pop filters catch, plus, the practice take Distorted which showed that even though the volume was DOOOWWN I was screaming TOO loud so the sound while it sounded AWESOME sounded like I was screaming in a cave... the voice coil and diapgrahm get fucked up when you Distort the Capsule by being too loud (95% your fault, 2% the mixers fault if its where you left it at where it was fine before, 3% "you never know!" type of thing.)

Capsule can only take so much abuse, but it was fine so all is good. ------ Tried to do my best to sound like Kurt Cobain.

-OVER-ALL MIX- After I did a clean mix with tons of effects with a DAW of Neundo doing it digitally with the analog tracks and it sounded like a modern track, all levels nice and fit, and it was just too......... bland, so I stayed with the Garage initialy idea and kept that all in the red VU Mix and posted it for fun.

and no this is not the direction I am going in for my latest album (which is sounding great!) but I may have a fun EP of this kind of stuff! let me know what you think and my microphone / recording techniques (Even though I went again all the rules in the book to make it sound like crap)

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