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Accelerated Evolution

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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warning: the video above may cause you to grow a epic beard by the end of it.

i know a few people here are already playing it. what are your thoughts so far? i've played about four hours last night and doing some quests around Whiterun. only things i'm let down about are hearing repeated phrases and conversations by townsfolk already and your horse. i wish there was some way she'd follow you or that you could call her across the map.

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I'm about nine hours in. Just hit my first crash. Straight to desktop and no error code. Kinda' weird.

At any rate it does seem like Bethesda improved on most if not all the weak links in Oblivion. Enemy AI isn't as stupid now, there's way more "stuff" to do in the game, the combat while still lagging behind what modders did with Oblivion is definitely better, and the voice acting is actually... you know, good.

So far I'd say I'm pretty darn happy.

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Ice Wraiths? I had to summon a Flame Antronach from around the corner and let them duke it out because if I could actually see the thing for more than five seconds the game crashed. I have no idea why looking at it would make any difference when it's loaded already, but apparently it does...



Nasty textures are nasty. I should really turn my AF up... The fight in that room is actually a lot of fun if you're going for an Archery based build.

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for some reason the most amazing thing i've run into so far is not the pretty as hell graphics, or the dual wield and quests. but i watched mudcrabs yesterday. they didn't know i was there*still representing the sneak* but they still scuttled to the shoreline and one started swishing its claws in the water like it was grasping at the salmon in the river. nature acting like nature. it took me by surprise enough i ended up watching this group for like 5 minutes

and i met the most harcore mudcrab in all history. this motherfucker bolted out of the river when i was walking on the road near whiterun, ran right past me and proceded to brutally destroy and kill 7 imperial soldiers one by one. before going back to the river farther ahead.

and giants will chase you for a VERY long time

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Prolly logged +25 hours on PS3; no crashes, lots of video lag. It doesn't feel as deep (read: Slow) as Morrowind, but definitely more fleshedyth out than Oblivion. Combat is better than ever and the magic system seems pretty well done (No building your own spells though QQ). The professions are interesting, except for Cooking, which seems like a totally fucking useless version of Alchemy.

Also killing Dragons is always more satisfying than I could hope for. Giants, on the other hand, are motherfucks.

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