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New Low: smuggling drugs with puppies


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How come smuggling drugs through young girls doesn't earn so much attention? Why do people care so much about a few random puppies, when we eat innocent piggies, chickens, and cows every day?

It is probably more or less a warning. So, when you see a dog with cocaine draining from its ass, you know it is drugs and not some sort of dog viral infection. Kinda like the "White Powder Period of '96" when FBI agents discovered women coming in from Canada were stuffed with cocaine.

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There has to be so many better ways to smuggle drugs than putting them inside of puppies. They just felt like being assholes this time around.

I prefer the carcasses of newborn babies myself.

See. These are the kind of people I was talking about when I suggested using criminals for medical research.

"So, you like slitting open puppies, eh? Well, I think we'll keep you awake while we cut you open and implant this new heart monitor."

Ha ha ha, ah that Nuremberg Code, eh Mengle?

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Once you commit rape, murder, our unprovoked torture (Which this is) you lose your humanity. End of story.

Assuming this were absolute truth instead of perception, we would have to experiment on the very scientists who were performing the medical procedures, considering their torture would be unprovoked. Heck, even because it is torture. Don't strike down the UN's Convention Against Torture just yet.

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