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Shit you got for XMAS


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so what did you get this year? were you naughty or nice...maybe both bawahahaha

i got

kindle fire

baby bullet

seewing machine

vampire knight vol 12 and 13

gorillaz cd

necklace making stuff ( beads wires and a nice case for them all)

some random stocking stuffers lol

some clothes


wireless mouse for my laptop

150.00 from my dad

case for my laptop

sailor moon hoodie XD

sailor moon shirt...

i think thats about it

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That's usually what I get as my family seems to have no idea what I like.

i see....thats why i got 150 from my dad...also i know its cause he feels guilty of never acting or being a father to me as a kid...ever...i dont care...wasnt expecting it...but if he wants to give it...ill use it on bills...or buying my utena box sets mmmmm utena :)

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a Keurig brewing machine and a few variations packs of k-cups from my step mom. didn't really dig it at first because i don't like people to buy me anything expensive and i already have a coffee maker that works fine, but it's like night and day. i get up every morning now feeling like Agent Cooper.

my friend up in Washington sent a copy of Haruki Murakami's 1Q84.

the not-so-secret Santa here sent No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, which i'm not sure i want to play without a move just yet.

the other secret Santa i was paired up on another board, who i really didn't know, sent a hot chocolate set from a company i've never heard of. it looks like something at the clearance bin at Bed Bath and Beyond and tastes as good as it sounds. not that i'm complaining, it's nice that they went through with it, and the set has two cool reusable mugs. they also sent a card meant for an adoptive mother's birthday, so it's someone who knows me fairly well. (i like to give out cards on the wrong occasion for shits and giggles because it always makes the person laugh).

and some cookie swaps with the folks at work.

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sounds nice coffeeXD

and today well yesterday i got more to add for what shouldve been xmas...was a wreck this journal and knee high red and black stripe socks woohooo i wanted those damn socks...they were forgotten about till i got asked if i got my journal...i was like uhhh this xmas...like what we just had...nope no i didnt lol

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what kind/brand of chocolate?

Random cheap foil wrapped balls that came in some netting.

In terms of what I got this year was uneventful, but this chair OMGDISCHAIR. Full back and head rest, leather, sooooo much padding. I' so miserable at work now because my chair there is so normal and not more comfortable than my bed.

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best. christmas. ever. :D

XD i was like holy shit over the sailor moon stuff...i mean everyone in my dang fam should know sailor moon is my beyound obsession of anime...i collect what i can of it when i can...utena is coming in close to it now i love her...and come black and red stocks wooooo i already have grey and black...i wanted some dang red ones...sexy! im tottally gonna be giving you a snap shot in feb...maybe around vday if this monster in my stomach is out by then...woohoo happy vday to you! ;)

Lets see:


An alarm clock that charges my iPhone

$25 Best buy gift card

Memory foam matress

A Zelda: OoT Special Edition 3DS (from myself).

i got the new zelda for wii! XD

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im tottally gonna be giving you a snap shot in feb...maybe around vday if this monster in my stomach is out by then...woohoo happy vday to you! ;)

that would definitely make up for the last couple of years worth of bad valentine's days. actually coming from you that'd make it the best vday i ever had. :blush:

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