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E3 2012


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since some screens of Dead Space 3 leaked, Castlevania: Mirror of Fate for 3ds was announced, and a new Gears of War has been teased, i figure it's time to start a thread already.

konami is showing off their stuff tonight with a new announcement and a new trailer for Revengeance. other press events start on monday and tuesday like usual. maybe we'll finally see something on the new Contra besides the logo this year unless it was quietly canceled.

get hype.

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konami highlights:

zone of the enders HD opening (nsfw boobies). will come with a demo for Rising.

new metal gear rising: revengeance gameplay trailer

castlevania: lords of shadow 2 trailer (warning: major spoilers for 1)


castlevania: mirror of fate trailer. 3ds game, takes place in between LoS1 and 2, you play as a bunch of different Belmonts throughout the generations in their AU timeline.

edit: had to change the ZoE and MoF youtube links to a articles because of the dumb youtube link limitations.

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Zenoclash II trailer

new DmC trailer

Project P-100 gameplay trailer

stuff from Microsoft today:

Halo 4 live demo

Splinter Cell Blacklist live demo

Tomb Raider live demo

Black Ops 2 live demo

Resident Evil 6 live demo

Gears of War: Judgement teaser

Forza Horizon trailer

Fable: The Journey trailer


Dead Space 3 trailer / co-op live demo

Sim City gameplay trailer

Medal of Honor Warfighter live demo / multiplayer trailer

Crysis 3 live demo


Far Cry 3 live demo

Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer

Avengers: Battle for Earth trailer

Rayman Legends live demo

Zombi U trailer (this was originally Killer Freaks from Outer Space)

Assassin's Creed 3 trailer / live demo

Watch_Dogs live demo


Beyond: Two Souls trailer

Assassin's Creed Liberation trailer

Assassin's Creed live demo (Navy battle, different from Ubi's)

Far Cry 3 - 4 player co-op live demo

Book of Spells (Wonder Book) "gameplay" demo

God of War Ascension live demo

The Last of Us live demo

The commericial in the middle of the pre-E3 presentation by Nintendo was cringe worthy. Still not sure whether I was supposed to laugh at it or with it

it wasn't a commercial so much as a representational video showing off the new online features. it was very self aware, with "non descriptive figure", the one guy getting turned down by the girl, and the Diabolik poster in the back.

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