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Accelerated Evolution

Darksiders 2


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i liked the first one a lot. Leadingman's LP was the reason i picked it up in the first place actually.

this looks really good but there's a few reviews out there saying the PS3 version is filled with game crashing bugs, so i'm going to sit it out for a while. by the time i'm finished with Last Story there probably will be a patch out.

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Already did the first two dungeons and I feel like its a bit dumbed down in terms of the puzzles and area layout. The combat is faster but feels even more button mashy then the first one. The loot system feels a bit superfluos but thats probably becuase I don't really notice how the different states affect the gameplay. That said it is still fun and I am sure things will get harder/move involved the deep I get into the game

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Yeah, I can't say I'm a fan of the loot system. It makes progression feel less momentous and fun. Getting huge upgrades feels a lot better than gaining +1 strength or 2 damage. Same with the new experience and leveling system. It was way better with the zelda style, gain a heart by exploring or defeating a boss instead of 10 more health randomly.

Puzzles do seem a lot simpler, and so far the story feels way less epic. War's story had so much more immediacy. This is feels like a side story from moment 1. Hopefully it picks up soon. I do like the combat better in some aspects but I kinda miss blocking and Death feels very fragile. Plus the subweapons feel blah. Axes and Hammers are so much slower that fists end up beating them every time in usefulness due to the instant staggering they provide.

Also, changing souls to gold is just stupid. He's the grim reaper. I don't have a problem him using souls to buy stuff. Collecting gold is retarded.

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