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Homowork was something I labeled the homework thread although don't remember if Amy's influence was why I named it that. I'm sure elite has the old logs (since I am regular user now I can't check; for reasons still not explained).

Which taints this time capsule..... Thus for Amy's sake....

RIP Amy, you knew me as one of the SELECT Admins - I'm sorry that elite decided to erase the time capsule as it was. With all 900 some off posts. I love the guy but he can be irrational at times. I'm sure you understand. (assuming theirs an afterlife and you can somehow read this) - You were a free spirit and I know you would never let anyone in AE pass by acting like a Demagogue in a Totalitarian style environment. Unfortunately, my dear friend Mitch has embraced the evil rather than love. I hope he changes back into the guy that was around when you had been an active member with fascinating ideas and conversations to treat us all to. I am although glad you have not seen what this country has turned into as it was against your beliefs as a person and in politics in general. 

Let's ensure that the Demagogues that attempt to divide us in person or on a forum -coughs- - when one side continues to push for unity and the Demagogue side (Who can still see the light!) decide to ignore such unity. that perhaps you can shine a light down and give that individual the strength to make amends. 


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