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FREE: Final Fantasy XI server

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Hey gang!

If you didn't know, now you do.

To any and all Final fantasy XI fans out there.

There is a FREE FFXI server up and operational. It has been up for just around a year now.

Here are some of the things that makes it an awesome place:

Level 75 cap still: I never played past the 75 cap, but I heard bad things.

Exp is gained four times as fast: The grind is not as annoying now.

All skills (ALL) easier now: Crafting is fun! You can max out parry!

You run 1.5 Xs faster: No more getting beat up from behind when you are running from aggro.

Drop rates are slightly improved.

You can sell more than 7 items on the AH at the same time, also no stocking fee.

Quest rewards give you more money: Makes quest hunting actually viable now!

and much more.


Here's the sight to go to if you are interested. The population is growing by the day. I'd love to see some people I know come out and try this experience out with me.

My in game name is Scar. If you have any questions, throw down a reply or whatever.


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