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Rocket League is a competitive soccer game. The catch is you play with cars and instead of it being like a regular soccer pitch it's an indoor arena with walls you can drive on, boosts to make you fly, and insane physics that almost make it a billiards game. I highly recommend playing if you love competitive based ladder games with very high skill ceilings.

If you haven't seen some game play, check it out on twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Rocket%20League. I recommend watching Kronovi, or Gibbs as they are some of the best in the world and make it really exciting. 

If you do play and would like to get some ranked 2v2's or 3v3's going, or maybe even just some unranked fun, I'm down and hit me up on steam.

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I dropped in ladder a ton yesterday. The bad part is, I'm on the cusp of semi pro and pro players who don't understand the meta game. When I drop a bit further I get matched with them and they don't understand the basics. They rush when they should be on defense, they pretty much rush everytime, and they miss the ball most of the time. I have to sit on D if I wanna move up again, it gets boring...

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As the owner of an eSports organization I am only with people that understand their roles for each game ensuring the most fun (in a serious sense) and collective effort... for example watch this random 2v2 ranked game where I am playing with one of AE's work in progress recruits for CSGO/Rocket League - in less than a month he leaped into the 3v3 roster as the set up man specifically as he feeds the ball well without being selfish; for 2v2's he doesn't have the defense worked out yet to make it work out but he'll get there; and we really should have 3-4 AE teams competing for 2v2's each season rather than 1. perhaps 2 3v3 teams as well; increases possibility of continuing grabbing $$$$$$$ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QpxxHGhQAU

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