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Accelerated Evolution

Trivium- Crusade


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New album will be entitled the Crusade

They're working on pre-production, recording in April-May

Titletrack will be an eight minute instrumental

Standard tuning and 7 strings (B E A D G B E) will be used on the album

Matt just bought a new Petrucci 7 string signature guitar

It'll be more technical

Matt'll use the new Marshall head (TBA I assume...I'm curious )

Less gutteral screaming, more raspy kinda old school thrash vocals

Jason Suecof will co-produce with Matt

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I haven't heard them yet, but many guys like them. I was told they have awesome guitarists.

they're really awesome live. the records don't capture how seamlessly heafy busts his solos

i'll definitely be checking the new one out. hopefully they've dropped the metalcore leanings completely and maybe thrown in a little DEAF (the dude does vox for capharnaum, i know he can do it)

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I'm finally gonna see them for the first time next Sunday, Feb 12th, with In Flames and Zao. Should be rather sweet. As for the upcoming album, bring it on. Ascension was a success in my opinion ("A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation" >>> Everything else) and this should be no different.

I too hope they drop their metalcore attitude, but whatever.

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I saw them 20 months or so ago with Iced Earth, before they really became big. When I saw them they were clearly in need of some work and had that whole appearance of a band just starting out. They've gotten a lot better, they're nothing special, but they surely do not deserve anything negative to really be said about them.

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Yeah, recently I've come to a realisation that people are too damn "special" about music that they like and don't like. I've really stopped giving a shit about what music other people listen to.

"And Music? Well it's just entertainment, folks!"

Maturity lacked by most, sadly.

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