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My dog ran away

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So, the dog that I've had for 17 years (which is pretty much my entire life) ran away two days ago, and I haven't seen him since. Considering he's so old, he's blind, and it's freezing here at nights, he's probably... Gone, y'know. I still don't really like typing out what's probably happened to him, and some of my friends still say he might've been picked up by someone, but chances are that didn't happen.

So uh, yeah. Let's discuss sad dog stories. Won't that be fun? Wheeee... eee...

... Sigh.

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Other people know this story but when I was much younger, I had a little dog and it got off its chain one day when I let it out in the back yard. This guy in my neighborhood shoots it just because his stupid fucking sister had an irrational fear of dogs. It wasn't dead but did become blind in one eye. So, I picked up my metal baseball bat, went to his house, and beat the shit out of him with it. Then I told him that if he called the police, I would fucking come back and kill him. I'm a free man and I've never seen the prick again.

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