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Upcoming DS Rpgs!


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Well these two caught my eye

1) Tao's Adventure: Curse of the Demon Seal


Graphics look amazing for the DS, makes me think they could easily do a full 3D zelda, this one I am expecting to be an awesome game, CANNOT wait to play it and I ofcourse trust Konami to get the job done.

2) LostMagic


seems like it will be lots of fun and this WiFi feature excites me, I wonder what kind of online features the game will hold?

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Thread fails for no mention of A.S.H.

The original ranges from $99 - $130 new, to $60 - $100 pre-owned.

Mario Kart/Nintendogs bundle(s) cost $150.

Oh yeah, Mistwalkers game. Visuals look like raw ownage (Very much on par with the PSP), but they haven't shown nearly enough beyond that.

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