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The Rolling Stones super bowl show


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The Rolling stones super bowl show was censored in an article on mtv.com. I know this may have a bias view since MTV could be bitter about never being able to do a halftime show again, however the source is the associated press. the point is some of the lyrics from "Rough Justice" and "Start me up" were edited out due to the fact they were to sexually suggestive to be played on TV. My problem is that there were way worse things on TV during the fucking super bowl, commercials and such, (we all saw Jessica Simpsons horrible proformance :blink::tongue: ) so why just target the stones? Although The Stones shouldn't have been targeted at all, nor anything during that time for censorship. What is this the 50's again? Is Rock music the devil? "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" was able to avoid being edited at all, which to me is slightly funny.

Any Comments?

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Aren't there a few American teams in Canadian cities?

Well, not American teams, but you know what I mean.

Not that I know of. There's MLB, and NBA teams and lots of NHL teams, but unless they've gotten a football team in the last couple years that I was unaware of, then the answer is no.

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