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Favorite TNG episode

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The Inner Light, Time's Arrow, and Chain of Command.

The reason being is that they are all clssic science fiction stories and themes, presented in a way that makes them freash and interesting in the TNG setting. On top of that the acting in each of them is the best it can be in the TNG. Patrick Stewart is at his very best in "The Inner Light" and "Chain of Command", Brent Spiner is really given the chacne to show off Data and the amount of growth he has done since joining the Enterprise in "Time's Arrow"

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Cause and Effect, the classic deja vu story but done incredibly well I thought. It's my favorite type of story to tell and as a result I really liked the episode from start to finish. It's a personal thing, I wouldn't say it's the best episode of the series. But it is my favorite.

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Birthright did a better job of having Data explore the dream symbolism, which I enjoyed. But Phantasms symbols were awesome.

Yeah, Birthright did a better job of exploring the symbolism, but that whole plot with Worf detracted from the awesome Data-ness. Birthright also lacked that constant surreal atmosphere that Phantasms had.

... but that one where they were on the train in the holodeck program.

That one was "Emergence."

(it's one of my favorites too)

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"Q Who?"

Just watched it again today on TV and it re-confirmed my love for this episode. Q is one of my favorite characters and the first encounter with the borg is amazing.

This club section has been dead for too long.

i wish i wasnt so lazy to hook up my dvd player so i could watch my q episode dvds
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