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From what I've seen so far of it, aside from the new console glitches, its looking like the X-Box 360 is going to be a pretty solid console. They're definitely trying to persuade people who are usually PC only gamers with games like Call of Duty 2 and their overall focus on online gaming. That's probably not a real smart move, but kudos to Micro$oft if they pull it off. All in all though, I'd have to say that the console looks sexy, and all the bells and whistles are cool.

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You don't have too, I'll take his place.

I will not buy, promote, or admit that the Xbox 360 is in anyway a good machine. Unless it can prove to me that it has the sprit of a console in it, and not just an overglorified computer.

I would use the term "underglorified computer" for a console. But I suppose the mainstream audience would find the Xbox 360 to be more impressive than your average PC.

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But... Hasn't it been confirmed that there will be a base thing for the Revolution controller so it functions exactly like a GC controller? Besides, that setup that I saw (with the analog stick attachment) made it look functionally the same as a traditional controller. I had no faith in Nintendo's batshit plans for the DS, and that thing is awesome. I'm going to trust them on the Revolution thing.

And Sony makes a shitty system (in terms of not getting DRE's because of a strong wind), but I haven't had any problems with the controllers.

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Good thing the 360 is an entertainment system and not a console. That should keep all the fanboys who cling to Nintendo's udders like a teething calf from getting up in arms over it. Not that they have a leg to stand on, really. It's always the same old disses... (prepare for rant).

1. The 360 is huge!

And? It's not 'travel friendly' (even though I can easily carry mine in a regular laptop case). So what?! You don't have to take a console with you everywhere, you sad fuck! Go outside or read a goddamn book!

2. It's just a fancy computer!

Wait... There's something wrong with this? Aren't all consoles 'computers'? Yeah it does have a harddrive in it... Wanna fight about it? This only means that games load faster, play faster, have better graphics (even on games ported from other consoles), and I can even download games online... BITCH.

3. It has a lousy library of games!

Only if you're a twat who's riding that band wagon of defining the Xbox by Halo, when I, a contented Xbox owner, is sitting right next to a stack of well... alot of games (not going to count... too many) that I am completely satisified with. As for the 360, it launched with 18 games to its library, many of which have already been reviewed (with great receptions) by reputable sources. Games such as: Gun, Call of Duty 2, and Perfect Dark Zero. Let's not even mention the upcoming games like the new Elder Scrolls and DoA4.

So, for you 1337 gamerz who are too cool for the 360, and you know who you are... the ones with the AB controller tattooed on their ass, here's a big a FUCK YOU!

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