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WoW - Progress Thread


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This thread is for posts about your characters progress as you level up or find items, post them here.


I am halfway to level 53 now, just received a Crystal Sword of the Monkey from a guildmate, and bought a Hanzo Sword. So I am dual Wielding those.

Once I save up some gold I'm gonna end up replacing the Crystal Sword with somthing better.

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Got Ralkest to lvl 9. Also talked to M4xor for a minute.

Goals with new character:

- Don't buy multishot, it sucks ass.

- Keep a massive stock of leather working materials handy so I don't get to making lvl 160 - ish stuff and have to go hunting for an hour to have everything.

- Train my pet from the get go! Yay for not being stupid!

- Finish tons of quests I missed.

- Use my talent point properly.



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