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AE Viewing/Reading Journal: Born Again.


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It's back.....

Mai Otome 7:

Excellent episode. The series is finaly picking up, and is even biting at Hime's position as my 3rd favourite anime of all time. Arikas Meister/Maistar robe is really pretty cool, and I can see some excellent comedy coming out of the contract she had to make with Princess Mashiro.

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NOT Rahxephon - 15

I've managed to download all 25 OTHER AVIs through Limewire... but 15 just keeps evading. And no, don't even recommend getting the OGMs through a torrent. OGMs suck my scrotum.

But so far, I'm enjoying the series. Kinda convoluted, but that was to be expected. But ya, interested to see what the hell else happens with Ayato's pasty-ass.

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Ah! My Goddess eps. 6-10

I really like this series. It was highly amusing when Keichii got turned into a motorcycle.

Girls Bravo ep. 1

Great first episode! This is shaping up to be a good "harem" series, but unfortunately I don't know where to find more episodes of it.

Gunslinger Girl ep. 1

This is interesting. I was expecting a wild west sort of thing... instead it's a darker series that takes place in... France (it would appear).

Chrno Crusade eps. 1-2

This is an interesting series. Kinda weird watching it, since Chrno has been Crube's avatar for so long. It's like watching Crube in motion. Also, Rosette looks exactly like Excel.

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I would recommend Aquirion if you're looking for a brainless, though entertaining mech series. And if you ahven't kept up with Noien, that should be at the top of your list.

fixed :tongue:

Karin ep 1:

The production values for this show suck, to put it bluntly. Charact designs are also shiat. Plot has promise, but since I'm already watch a bunch of other (better) shows I might was well pass this one over. And besides; Shana >>>>>>Karin

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Perhaps a recommendation thread is in order.

Yeah, let's not become like AN- every day a reccomendation thread! No one's ever heard of the search function!


Ai Yori Aoshi vol. 2 (manga)- I'm starting to wonder about this... it's practically pure fanservice. Not that I mind, but there isn't too much in the way of plot yet.

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and oh my god I did NOT know that Janus was going to be voiced by Takahiro Sakurai! OMG AND I THOUGHT HE COULDN'T GET ANYMORE AWSOME. TAKAHIRO SAKURAI!!!

And I can't get over how well they're handling the slow morphing of Train's personality. I would not have willingly taken on the task of demonstrating that change from ansty quiet loner to loud obnoxious goofball, and yet they did, and they're doing an amazing job of it.

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Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl ep.1

All I could find for download was the dub, and it was a really big file so the sound was a little off. Still, it was really interesting. If I had it on DVD it would be right on to the next episode, but I'm gonna have to go search for another download.

The dub is ungodley amounts of awefull. Just buckle down and buy yourself the DVD's. They should be pretty cheap if you look around the interweb carefully enouph. I recommend looking for them at either half.com or pricegrabber.com. Its an excelent series, so its well worth the money.

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FMP? FUMOFFU: Ep. 11 - 13

The series wasn't one of best but seeing semi-serious characters in completely ridiculous situations was just a great contrast to the first series. Segara turned into a wonderful comic relief, which was oddly but pleasing.

The Bonta-kun scenes will forever remain some of the funniest bits of anime ever created.

I give it: 74%

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