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The OFFICIAL Newcastle United Thread


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Arsenal will kick the ass of Newcastle anytime. Go Arsenal!!!

December 10, 2005 indicates otherwise.

Good luck getting in the Champions League. I could care less whether you or your eternal rivals Twattenham make it. Oh, but if West Ham can sneak in I will be eternally pleased.

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Agreed, the Premiership belongs to Chelsea right now. Who, if they are lucky, will avoid the fate of Leeds United and actually maintain their ability to compete instead of spending a ton and then having no money and doing a complete collapse. And of course Liverpool and Man Utd. are always good as they will be until the end of time. Arsenal will be back (Not that they're having a down year by any mean) I'm sure, they're another one of the big-name sides in England. They've been in the top division since 1919, the longest of any club.

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Also in the sport of good will and football and all that jazz. My friend Jimmy who happends to be a die hard chelsea fan stormed out of the pub cursing like a mo fo when he found out off teletext that chelsea had lost to MIDDLESBOROUGH 3-0. So me and my big brother pissed out of our heads decided to ring jimmy at 3am after two long tries jimmy finally wakes up to his phone and answers only to hear me and my big brother singing dpown the phone 3-0.

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I've got a better rhyme.

When I was just a little boy I asked my Mother "what should I be"?

"Should I be Chelsea? Should I be Leeds?

Here's what she said to me!

"Wash your mouth out son!

Go get your Fathers gun!

Then go shoot the Chelsea scum.

We shall be Leeds, be Leeds!

We hate Chelsea, We hate Chelsea

I'm not a fan of Leeds. But that's the greatest chant in all of football.


We won last night!

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