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WoW - Server Lines

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If I could transfer my 22 Hunter from Alexstraza too Boulderfist, that would be cool. Alexstraza is still listed as "new" though, so it won't be offering transfers.

I don't know why they don't have realm passes ala FFXI.

I thought realm passes were the most retarded thing in the world. You couldn't just pick what server you wanted to play on, you were randomly assigned to one and if you wanted to play with your friends you had to have them buy a realm pass for you. I spent a good half hour remaking my character in order to get on the same server as one of my friends when the game first came out.

But anyways, allowing people to transfer to different realms whenever they want would further harm the in game economy and cause massive twinking. Whenever a new server would open, the gold farmers would just be able to hop over to the new one and start selling gold for cheap prices, instantly driving up AH prices. With that said, Blizzard is eventually going to allow you to transfer your characters to any server, but it will be for a price (real money) and you can only do it once every certain length of time.

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