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Last week I got a job with one of my best friends at Bob's clothing store. (The chain) and my cousin Knight Shadow works there and helped me get the job.

even though I only get paid 7.10 an hour, It's not a bad job and theirs an awesome chinese / japanese buffet next door me and my pals are going to after work tonight.

So I guess I am just wondering where everyone works, and what they think of it... and how much they get paid.

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I'm back at The Source. Fuck. Teh hell cahin of electronics. Unlike your local BB idiot, I have to know how every single product in the store works. Often times only from text documents and spending ten mintues with a display model.

God, and the E-learning. There's like eight new tests a week.

Meh, whatever. $8.90 an hour, plus spiffs, plus comm, and benefits. I stand to make $20 an hour without too much trouble during Christmas.

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I work for Digital Archiving Systems / Arc Designs.

On the DAS side, I do CAD stuff. I assist architects & engineers with plans & junk. I also revise architectural & engineering plans with new information.

On the Arc side, I set up & maintain various websites for other businesses & schools. On occasion, I have to go out to schools if they need some kind of tech support. Like if their printer doesn't work or something.

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Yeah luckily connecticut's Minimum wage is 7.10, much higher apperantly than some of your states.

It has to do with the fact it costs more to live in CT than it does in other states.

Maryland has a lot of wide open space where you can find a house for cheap (But if you want to live in civilization you need 400k) so our minimum wage is low.

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There's a chain called Bob's clothing store? What the shit is going on east of the Mississipi? I mean REALLY. Fucking Bob's.

Um... I work at a little independent market/deli called Natural Harvest.

I'm the meat and seafood dude. Meaning I cut animals up and stuff (although luckily, not quite butcher status... the biggest we get are quarter cows, pretty much deboned). But it's enough to keep me from eating meat for the most part (I'll eat chicken if its forced down my throat, and I really can't stop eating fish because I quite enjoy it).

I get paid 8/HR and I'm getting a dollar raise in a week, supposedly. And the job's not bad, especially now that my boss realized I work harder than anyone else there and he has no reason to give me shit. And just to note, I just got off work just now. And I had the amazingly fun task of hanging Christmas lights and tinsle and shit all around the inside and outside of the building.

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Yeah luckily connecticut's Minimum wage is 7.10, much higher apperantly than some of your states.

Wtf? Not fair. ;_;

I just got back an interivew from Office Max. If I get hired I'll be started off at $6.50 an hour but I also can make up to $9 an hour if I sell enough Max Insurance and the credit cards and whatnot.

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I think minimum wage is like $6.75 in California :d

I have a job at Kohl's, just came back from job training. Going to get paid $7.50 to walk around, fold unfolded shirts, tell people where things are, occasionally greet them, and stay away from the women's clothing areas

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I work at CVS Pharmacy, and I develop peoples photos all day long.

I get paid 7.50$/hr, and I am supposedly getting a raise next week for my one year anniversary at the company. I don't reccomend that anyone works at CVS, because corperate doesn't give a shit about anyone but themsleves; we are open 365 days a year, and we are open until midnight the week of Christmas (and close at 6PM on Christmas).

If you don't volunteer for the hoidays, you will be the first person they schedule if no one else volunteers.

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Wtf? Not fair. ;_;

But I guarantee he pays $9.50 for a mother fuckin Chalupa.

Let alone, I don't doubt that his state government scrapped public sewage altogether. The North-East is NOTORIOUS for defecation in the streets. Fucking dirty ass New England.

And no, I don't know, or CARE where Wind is from.

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I used to work at Borders, but I also believed in upholding justice, yet I work during the day so I had to fight crime at night or on my days off. So I suppose I was a Borders clerk/stocker/superhero. Unfortunately I almost got fired when Butcher Mortis broke my leg and I decided to go to hospital instead of work that day. Cursed Butcher Mortis and his hamming it up! *shakes fist* Eventually the stress got to me, working, going to college, having other obligations, and being a superhero really cut into my time, so I had to drop one of the four things I did. It was down to either my job or being a superhero, so I decided to quit Borders. I had good discounts, but I usually spent my paycheck... At Borders. Besides, fighting crime is more fun. I may now be broke most of the time, but at least I hear rumors around town of who they assume [alias removed for security reason] is.

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whoa bump. so what's everybody up to nowadays?

back in '06 i was still working at a small mom and pop pizza parlor. just a three man night shift team besides the managers. me, some twenty something girl, and a boy that was around seventeen. the girl worked the register, and me and the kid worked everything else from cleaning to cooking. wasn't the greatest thing in the world but it paid well enough to keep up with bills and shit.

until a year in the girl and kid started seeing each other and started stealing food. once the manager noticed a lot of shit missing by month's end, the both of them pegged that on me and i was canned. which was funny, considering the kitchen area had security two cameras on it. guess they either didn't work or the managers didn't bother to watch the tapes to see i didn't do anything.

in early '08 i then got a job as a stockboy for a grocery store, but it's a hour and a half walking distance from here and the pay was barely enough to scratch by. it wasn't a bad job by any means, since i was friends with everyone there, and the manager would often give us dibs on expired food they'd have to toss at day's end. but almost three hours of walking and being on my feet all day while lifting shit my arms aren't strong enough for takes its toll.

so in '09, while still working that job, there was openings for a new restaurant not too far from here. on paper, i'm soooooo underqualified for it, but somehow i managed to get a call back and get a job as a line cook in the morning shift. soon as i got that job i gave my 30 days notice at the grocery store and just waited things out.

until i realized what a huge clusterfuck the people who hired us was making. we had 4 station cooks, 1 sou chef, and a head chef. the head was relocated here from California and was the only one of us with extensive experience running a kitchen. the station cooks couldn't cook worth shit, and i'm sure the guy we had on fish could burn a bowl of corn flakes if he tried to make them. nine out of ten dishes would come back and it was aggravating having to remake shit two or three more times because someone else's mistake, and the sou wouldn't teach him properly since something else was usually wrong to deal with first.

eventually a few people from management had most of us come down for a meeting on the weekend, where we figured we were all going to get canned. so, since i figured i was getting fired, in that meeting i let lose all of my aggravations in that room telling them what the fuck was wrong and asking why the hell they weren't making these changes sooner. to my amazement, the head and our current sou was backing me up and agreeing with everything i had to say.

two station cooks got fired that day, and a week later we had new ones that had a lot more experience and managment was implementing the changes us three had talked about at the meeting. everything was running smoothly until our current sou got pregnant and quit. that week me and another cook got called into a meeting that basically was them telling us that we're getting promoted to sou chefs and hiring two new people to take over our stations... except they weren't going to pay us the difference.

that lasted for two months until he walked for a few days and demanded we get our raise (well, his), which then happened the following week. that was hilarious because it's honestly not a significant increase and i was still working while he had walked out for that time.

so i've been working the morning brigade since then, with a few times where they switch me to the night shift and it's been a incredible experience. i've met so many awesome people and famous chefs there that it's crazy when i think about it.

sorry about the overly long post. :boat:

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