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Dick Cheney

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I bet everyone has heard that Cheney shot his hunting partner. Who gave Dick Cheney a shot gun in the first place? You'd think taht he would look where he is shoting before spraying his friend in teh cheek, neck and chest with bird shot. Eh...freakin cowboys runnin this country. BTW i am not ranting i am just makin a statement.

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big deal??? the guy is back in the hospital, apparently the lead from the pellet or the pellet went to his heart and he had a heart attack. Meanwhile Cheney has still said jack shit about the subject.

That's what irritates me about this. At least say something instead of standing in the background while this whole thing is going on. So it happened, I could care less. But don't act like it didn't. Don't let other people do the talking for you, you are the VP... YOU do the talking.

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I love how the media is handling this incident.

Resign? Why? For what reason?

Impeached? Why? Under what law?

Charged with attempted murder? Assault? Why and under what law?

Why the feeding frenzy from the media? Because they can't get off their collective lazy butts to go out and get a real story.

So what if Bush knew on Saturday? So what if he waited several hours to tell the all powerful media.

Chris Matthews spent nearly the entire hour of his show discussing this topic. With no message to shill for the Democrats, this is fodder for someone like Matthews.

Iran is begging for an ass kicking and CNN spends the first 13 minutes of an hour's broadcast covering this nonsense, complete with a demonstration of the effects of birdshot at different ranges, they don't call it peppering for nothing.

I guess small things loom large in the MSM's collective little mind.

This was an accident plain and simple, boths sides made mistakes while hunting. But they shouldn't be hunting for the head of someone just to make a headline.

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Really, it sucks, but it was an accident, and it could happen to anyone hunting with sufficiently incompetent people.

I really don't understand why everyone is making such a big deal about it.

Because it's not the Iraq War, yet something which concerns our government and can be warped into sounding incredibly controversial and attention-getting. Iraq has seen a substantial decline in ratings as of late. Wait until the 3 year anniversary and ratings will go back up again.

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Still, as far as I'm concerned, it's on par with if Bush got in a car accident.

"PRESIDENT REAR ENDS WASHINGTON, D.C. RESIDENT, Insurance information and apologies exchanged."

in short, we're all running round like chickens wiht our heads cut off over non-news

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