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Nintendo To Unveil DS Web Browser


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CONFIRMED: Nintendo announces several add-ons, games, and more at a DS Conference in Japan.

Advanced Media has received word that one of several new announcements to be made at a Nintendo DS conference in Japan will be the unveiling of a new Web Browser for the dual-screen handheld. Early reports indicate that the browser will be powered by Opera Software technology.

Several other exciting announcements are expected to be made at the conference and Advanced Media will be updating throughout the day on further breaking news and information coming out of Japan.



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Nintendo has also offered new details regarding a number of current and future Nintendo DS projects. For starters, the New Super Mario Brothers title for the system is slated for a May Japan-release, at a price of 4800 yen, with Tetris DS releasing shortly at a budget price of 3800 yen in the region.

A plethora of DS game announcements have been made at the Press Conference, along with new information regarding previously announced titles. It is now known that Calligraphy Training DS is in the works for the system, and will offer DS users with the opportunity to perfect or enhance their calligraphy skills in a style similar to the immensely popular Brain Training series. Also revealed was the news of an unnamed piece of cooking software set for production on the Nintendo DS.

Previously identified Nintendo DS offerings such as Children of Mana and Xenosaga Episode 1-2 were shown at the company's press event. While currently unconfirmed to release in North America, many in the industry expect both of these RPG titles to eventually make their debut on American shores.

Other Nintendo DS releases discussed included brief information sessions regarding Super Robot Wars, Dynasty Warriors and Winning Eleven Nine. Both Dynasty Warriors and WE9 have been confirmed to utilize the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to provide user's with easy, free, and fast online gaming experiences.

In regards to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Iwata has declared the service a strong success, citing the fact that over 900 thousand unique individuals have already accessed the online gaming network. Additionally, the Nintendo executive has revealed that seven Nintendo DS titles have exceeded the one million sales mark within Japan. Games such as Animal Crossing: Wild World, Mario Kart DS, and the Brain Training titles have been virtually dominating the Media Create sales charts associated with the Japanese region.


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