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Ice and Sudden Stops: My Lesson in Physics

Svenska Aeroplan

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Well, I was going around a corner last night and hit a patch of ice sending the 9000 in to a tizzy. I flew into the ditch and smacked the front left corner into the embankment, bounced off and spun around hitting the rear, and then did another half turn.

I scuffed up the bumper a bit, lost a fog light, broke the front left headlight mounting bracket, and the front end seems to be about a half inch more to the right than it used to be. The sensor attached to the pipe coming out the right of the engine broke off, and my rough idle is gone, but now I get rewarded with a grinding noise when accelerating below 1,500 RPM's.


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That sucks. Cars are a big pain in the ass.

Recently the back axle of my '66 Volvo Station Wagon (Wooh! Best car ever.) broke for no reason. Was ridiculously expensive. Fortunately my parents paid for it... But still. I'm a little worried about it happening again.

This was after the car had been out of the shop for a week, because they had to rebuild the engine, which included piecing together two carbeurators since they haven't been in production since... I don't know, the seventies?

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I just got back from Les Schwab, and they said that doing the alignment would be pointless now as it would just be out of wack again by the time I got out of the parking lot.

They quoted me:

1 Tie Rod End........$57.95

..Tie Rod End Labor..$17.25

2 Drive Axels.......$184.76

1 CV Joint...........$71.50

..The Alignment......$47.95

Total: $379.41

That's not too bad. I thought that it was going to cost way more than that. European cars tend to cost an arm & a leg. Sometimes they also want to jack your right testicle & on occasion they even yank on your left one. ('o' )!!!

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