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WoW character list, server, ect


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Elite: Moonfand - 66 Night Elf Priest: Boulderfist

Mcnutjob: Lethas - 70 Draenei Shaman: Boulderfist

Alucia - 68 Gnome Mage: Boulderfist

Asune - 70 Blood Elf Paladin: Gorefiend

Asune - 52 Human Rogue: Boulderfist

Aeruna - 43 Tauren Shaman: Gorefiend

Asune - 36 Blood Elf Hunter: Destromath

Laari - 30 Draenei Priest: Boulderfist

m4x0r: Manterok - 60 Night Elf Rogue: Boulderfist

Mcnutjob - 32 Human Warlock: Boulderfist

Ibi - 14 Undead Rogue: Destromath

Wind: Talan - 70 Night Elf Hunter: Boulderfist

Hirthy: Hevydevy - 23 Human Mage: Boulderfist

Beefheart - 32 Orc Warrior: Destromath

Gummybear: Demonizer - 70 Human Warlock: Boulderfist

Qume - 45 Night Elf Hunter: Boulderfist

Cliché - 22 Blood Elf Priest: Gorefiend

Siendra: Malakest - 22 Night Elf Hunter: Alexstrasza

Ralskest - 28 Night Elf Hunter: Boulderfist

Malistan - 29 Undead Priest: Destromath

Tango: Marluk - 36 Dwarf Hunter: Scarlet Crusade

Ebrithil: Ebrithil - 70 Gnome Rogue: Scarlet Crusade

Belial: Allowat - 16 Orc Warrior: Aegwynn

Cloy - 8 Undead Priest: Aegwynn

Mira - 46 Human Mage: Mannoroth

Machtapan - 44 Tauran Druid: Ursin

Kuuris - 23 Night Elf Hunter: Cho'gall

Alundra: Inchul - 50 Night Elf Hunter: Bronzebeard

Faiyn - 23 Human Mage: Bronzebeard

Quartz - 13 Human Paladin: Bronzebeard

DRL: Femto - 10 Night Elf Rogue: Gorefiend

Otaku: Digiburn - 51 Dwarf Warrior: Burning Blades

Thebornotaku - 12 Paladin: Boulderfist

Gimpsta: [name?] 60 - Undead Rogue: Emerald Dream

[name?] 5 - Human Mage: Argent Dawn

Wildarms: Wildarms - 26 Night Elf Rogue: Gorefiend

Keldon: Voltal - 21 [Race?] Rogue: Gorefiend

Burb: Afighterguy - 28 Human Warrior: Quel'thalas

Ahealerguy - Level 3 Dwarf Priest: Quel'thalas

Greyhide - 10 Tauren Druid: Quel'thalas

Carbiner: [name?] - 55 [race?] Paladin: Lightbringer

Kella: Commet - 36 Troll Warrior: Khaz'Goroth

Ireth - 15 Night Elf Priest: Khaz'Goroth

Thatman: Toronegro - 16 Tauren Druid: Destromath

Kitoshi: Etched - 24 Blood Elf Paladin: Destromath

Galkar: Dynicthus - 70 Undead Warlock: Destromath

Edit: Just post any updates to char lvl, ect

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And he's nearing the finish line...

When you ding 60 you have to tell us HOW. I never dinged 60 before quitting but my envisioned dream was...

I'm fighting a mob and a Night Elf Rogue jumps me, I'm at a scrap of health, kiting both the Rogue and the mob... I hit the mob with an arcane shot/serpent sting combo as my pet finishes him off... The Rogue comes dangerously close... I pop deterance hopefully and hop around... wing clipping then scatter shotting... Suddenly... as I run away to kite... "You have discovered: [insert part of zone here]" and then small exp bonuses dings me 60. My mana and health full again, I imagine the look on the Rogues face... I even take the time to spend my talent points before finally catching the Rogue and killing him. Then broadcasting my exploit in the guild chat.

That would have been hard core.

P.S.- Warlocks are metal.

You guys should get some PvP vids by the way... I suggest Enitsu/Jir (Hunter/Mage) or any of the DrakeDog (Warlock) movies.

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