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WoW character list, server, ect

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I might have posted this already, but if you come across a DK named Xurvan on either Blackhand or Dark Iron, it's probably me. I'm on a hiatus right now for moving and classwork so I won't be around for a while.

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Is there a thread for Real Ids? is that new?

Mine is majinradshadow@aol.com and yes I am playing again.

I have a coupe characters on a number of different servers.

Me, DRL, and Hiko have characters on Fizzcrank and we made a guild called The Returners...because Avalanche was taken, heh.

I also have characters on Illidan and Tenaris (only toon that's horde).

If you want to start a new character and go to a clutter free server then make a guy in FC and join us!

That is all. lol

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