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Skies of Arcadia


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Skies of Arcadia is great.

One of the most detailed and engrossing worlds in RPG history and a very likeable cast of characters from top to bottom.

It doesn't have the deepest battle system around but I still really enjoyed it and I would pick it over something like Star Ocean any day of the week.

What really impressed me were the dungeons. Some of the dungeons made me think that I was playing a Zelda game, yes, they were that good.

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So I'm not a member of the RPG club, but whatever. I noticed this thread and I would like to make a wacky guest appearance and say that Skies of Arcadia is one of my favorite games, ever.

The ship battles are really fun. A touch on the easy side, but if you keep yourself from using Complete Kits (or whatever those things are that heal your ship fully in one turn) they get challenging towards the end.

I've got to start playing it again. I got right up to the end and my memory card was lost. Very sad, very sad. I've never actually beaten it. If I remember correctly I'm around Yafutoma right now, but I haven't played in a while.

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Skies of Arcadia is one of those games that you play til the end and love. Then you pick it back up later on and love it again. I loved it for Dreamcast, and then I loved it for Gamecube.

The feel of exploration the game delievers is something that RPGs seem to be getting away from. Everything is too linear now. Skies doesn't always tell you exactly where to go next, you have to explore and find new places yourself. The characters all all likable, and the story they are involved in is compelling until the end. As already stated, the battle system isn't anything groundbreaking, but the airship battles are really fun.

It's one of those games that I can not understand why it doesn't have a sequal or two.

"Moons, give me strength!"

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It's one of those games that I can not understand why it doesn't have a sequal or two.

I agree. Skies deserves a sequel so badly.

I mean, with new technology they could make it more complex, make it even longer... Hell, they wouldn't even have to connect the story to the old game at all, that's how cool the universe they created is.

Valua ftw.

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You ike non linear games?

DQ7 was that and a bag of chips!


I guess the old school graphics were too much for most of you~

bwa hahahaha

DQ7 was nonlinear, and also non fun. The graphics had nothing to do with it. The game's story wasn't going anywhere, it was boring me to tears, my characters were all dull and uninteresting, and it was so annoying having to progress the game by digging through people's houses looking for that last little chunck of rock to make my next island.

Bleh, maybe after DQ8 is done I'll give DQ7 a third chance.

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