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Empire at War


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Doesn't Empire at War have copy protection on it?

<<17:58:12>> <Ashton> I totally got pwned trying to play Empire at War by the protection they got on it.

All games have copy protection of some type. It just takes a short amount of time to figure out how to get around it though.

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I think it would be tight if there was a game that noticed if you had stolen it and got exponentially harder because of it.

But there would be a way to get around it noticing you stole it.

Hackers can beat pretty much everything as long as they are given the time and desire.

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it just needs a little gentle lovin is all, along with one hell of a crack.

Granted though, Empire at War is a bitch and a half to get to run.

The download will probably be done by tommorow around here, so we'll see how difficult it is to run then.

Mine finished and installed quite quickly, and i got a CD-key from good'ol Tango-Mango.


I'll be playing after Star Trek. Because Star Trek > Star Wars

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