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Accelerated Evolution

Hmm... interesting. *pokes around*

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I have not heard the words "#1 Placenta Fan" in far too long.

I forgot how that started, wasn't it in an AIM chat?

Haha... I was just thinking about you a week or so ago.

We may not have always got a long but I sure miss having you around the boards. VG just isn't the same without you there. :happy:

Aww... thanks James. :tongue:

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I was actually thining about that during my daily ramblings around the internet.

So, uh, hopefully you are going to stay this time around?

Yes, yes I am... Alundrakins. :wink:

thanks for reinvigorating the comic love around here. my "generic comics thread' didn't seem to get people going :tongue:

Well there is a quite a bit going in the comic book industry worth talking about.

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