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Accelerated Evolution

Pictures Of CRO-MAG11


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If you request more, just ask. Theres even one of him grinding a rail with his butt crack out! OMG FAP FAP FAP!!! HAWT!

Also let's make this into a game. Photo shop that picture how ever you want. Let's piss Mario(Cromag) off as much as possible. I don't care if huge black cocks are going down his throat. He could be getting anally penetrated for all I care, actually it'd be funnier if that did happen. So have fun.

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i thought he was hilarious. reminded me of those two or three ten/twelve-year old kids we had running around when the site first opened shop

Same here. Half the fun of posting on a forum is making fun of the retarded idiots. Unfortunately for all of us (well fortunately in other ways) there are not many of them around here.

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