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What's the difference between General Discussion and Other Discussion? Doesn't the word General pretty much include just about everything? What constitutes something that is "Other" compared to "General"? Life is a pretty general thing, why is that considered "Other," especially when Super Happy Fun-time Zone is considered "General"? Why does Graphics, Fanart, and Fiction get dumped in the "Other" pit, but Clubs gets to hang out with all the cool kids in "General"?

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The bulk of this board came from people who wanted to talk about general things, but Sharp and that other guy kept threatening to limit the OS club. So, they came here. As such, "general" became a major focus of the board.

Funny that the board was started by gamers, though.

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I just want to say Caine, I love your avitar...my question is, Stars fan, or Sabers fan? Just curious. And as for the universe being replaced by something more rediculous (I cant spell right now) it is a possibility. Anywhosel...laters :closedeyes:

*looks at sig* yeah, I think i might be a sabre fan, you know, the whole NO GOAL thing probably ain't real big down in Dallas

Is that assuming that such a thing hasn't already happened?

no, then it would just happen again

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