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Where is Venom from?


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Ah, Minnesota. The land of Mooses, Code, and a little show called Northern Exposure. Oh wait, thats Alaska.

You forgot the Curling capital of the United States. And they also have very dedicated hockey fans, especially to high school teams. It's apparently like football is in Texas there.

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I figured that since Venom is such a comedic genius that he's naturally from Canada. Unfortunatly, I haven't seen any proof of this. Someone mind clearifing

It's been mentioned several times earlier...[like, before the making of this thread...]

Candada? Are they further north then us folks in Canada?

I was thinking the same thing...

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Minnesota is a really great place if you like that kind of thing

My sister was telling how you can see all the weed grown in New Hampshire from space. I was like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT


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I cannot stand this. Minnessota may take their hockey seriously, but i'm from buffalo and nobody is more phsycho about hockey than we are. Besides, everywhere that they actually like hockey is really part of Canada. btw, do you guys from Minnesota get the Canadian Beer commercials?

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