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anyone going to the deg concert in ny?


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Dir en grey Showcase Tour

Thank you for your patience as Dir en grey's first American tour was being settled. Finally, there is a decision.

FREE-WILL, FREE-WILL America and WARCON bring you the American debut of Dir en grey! Come see this exciting band live as they travel through America for three showcase lives!!

Austin, TX

SxSW Festival

Mar 17 (INDUSTRY ONLY! tickets not available to the public)

New York City, NY

Mar 21 (Tues)

Club Avalon


Open Seating


Doors at 7:00 PM EST

Los Angeles, California

Mar 23 (Thurs)

Avalon Hollywood


Open Seating

All Ages

Doors at 7:00 PM PST


Dir en grey debut live tickets

For New York:

Presale tickets will be available from Monday, Feb.20th, 9 AM EST to Feb. 25th, 9 AM EST.

The link and password required to purchase advanced tickets will be uploaded Monday, Feb. 20th, at 9 AM EST. Tickets cost $29.00, not including any taxes or processing fees.

For Los Angeles:

Presale ticket time TBA

Tickets cost $29.00, not including any taxes or processing fees.

Presale tickets do not guarantee any primary seating or privileges. The presale tickets allow Free-Will America members a chance to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public.

General admission tickets go on sale Saturday, Feb. 25th.

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