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Accelerated Evolution

The New Blue Beetle

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The new Blue Beetle is a young boy named Jaime Reyes, who discovered the mystical blue scarab possesed by all of the past Blue Beetles in El Paso, Texas during the Infinite Crisis event. The scarab soon grafted it's self to Jaime's spine, granting him a technologically advanced suit (probably designed by the previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord), super strength, and the ability to project lightning bolts.

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I like Blue Beetle the same way I like Booster Gold in that I would be marvelled by their powers but hope that my life and the world isn't resting on their shoulders.

That reminds me of Booster Gold's episode of Justice League Unlimited, "The Greatest Story Never Told." Boost and Skeets save a woman and she calls him Green Lantern.

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I'm sorry... but I just prefer the classic costume. And after Ted's fantabulously done death (one of the coolest issues in superhero comics in the last few years), I just can't handle a new BB. Plus his factoring into Crisis seems sort of thrown in... it'd work better to put it in 52. But ooohhhh well.

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