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Hero is organizing his DVDs!


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Okay, so I used to keep all my DVDs in what used to be a clothes drawer that very recently fell apart. So, now every movie and video game from this generation that I own is strewn about on my bedroom floor and I need some way to organize them.

Having OCD as I do, they need to be meticulously placed, so I figured I would let people decide for me how they'll be organized, because I do not have good decision making skills.

Get to it.

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I organize mine in alphabetical order according to genre, casing, and edition.

For instance, I keep all of my DVDs with regular standard cases (or cases similar in size) together in alphabetical order, regular editions come first followed by the special edition. Titles that begin with numbers are placed before the others in numerical order.

If a title has a bizzare case or other kind of special packaging I place it in a seperate group with the same order as the standard group.

I also like to put boxsets in their own group as well.

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If I had sufficient space: alphabetical, based upon which type they are. PS2 games there, movies here, TV shows thataway!

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But Chaos theory is employed to describe what leads up to a species' number growing beyond that which is reasonable for it to live in its current environment.

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