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Accelerated Evolution

I can't post in Ramdom Thoughts!


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Wait, isn't the second meaning an adjective? :huh:

...Frick. Wait, I can still pull this one off! Uh... Performing the action of something that has the property of... Uh... Being lame?

"John Vampyed most heartily."

Ah who am I kidding? I have failed you all! What is next? Somehow screwing up pronouns with adverbs? And what of prepositions to speak and end sentences with?

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...that's not a verb, that's an adj

god, you're so vampy

Wow, someone doesn't read all the posts on a page before posting something that was already posted and explained. Mighty vampy of you.

Hey! I already pointed that out!

Stealing other people's ideas is a very vampy thing to do, Vampy!

See what you have brought upon yourself Vampy!?

I just don't understand. I've never done anything to you but you just hurl these vicious insults at me for no reason. Thanks dude. :sad:

It would not be the first time Vampy's existence came between Venom and a new fwiend.

Now I have to save baby new year from that cursed buzzard all by myself.

*walks alone singing*

"I am not a dimwit, I'm just a singular misfit..."

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