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Mens College Ice Hockey


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I saw a game in boston for mens Ice Hockey for Boston university. We has tickets in the dog pound which is where all the big fans of BU go sit. It is directly behind the goal, it is also infront of the band. BU has alot of cheers for when things happen, for instance at certain songs you have to do certain chants and cheers. I knew none of them, quite embarrasing. (I caught on quick) but the thing is every one (even my sister and her boyfriend were wearing jerzeys all red) Oh great, me wearing a blue Doors Lizard King shirt. To make matters worse UNH (University Of New Hampshire) comes out wearing blue. Lol, i'm in a section full of drunk BU fans wearing the away colours in the dog pound. So I wipped out my moms emergency money and bought a hoodie quick. So the weird part was over and I enjoyed the game alot. Mens hockey is awesome and although BU lost it was a great game. I don't know much but I do know I will try to catch some NHL games on TV now. I always assumed NHL was a lame white boy sport but it's awesome and intense. I saw game 2 today and BU won 3-2. Yay!

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