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The Legion of Super Heroes Animated Series

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The creators of The Justice League Unlimited series and Teen Titans are collaborating to bring The Legion of Super Heroes! For those worried that the series will be like the Teen Titan, do not frown, for Legion will continue the DC animated universe's story where JLU left off!

They begun casting and so far they've casted Andy Milder of Weeds as Lightning Lad


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Here is a look at the character designs. Unfortunately the series will no longer be continuing the Diniverse.

Well, that sucks large donkey dick then. Where the hell is Supergirl going to be then. Bah to whoever made that decision.

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Is it like synthetic silicon hair or is the explanation far too ridiculous?

Besides, they all look like fucking Popeye the sailor!

He just has hair. Why would he need an explaination? Also, he's not a robot.

oh well I guess Mon'el will be in there then and Arsey..whos the bouncy guy in the corner?

Bouncing Boy, he can inflate his body and bounce... pretty lame.

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But Brainiac was a super computer A.I. inhabting an artificial robot body. I would think that if any one part of that was changed, then it wouldn't really be the same character or even related. I'd hate to here the convoluted story behind Brainiac 5.

Not all of the Brainiacs were robots. Originally Brainiac 5 was a descendant of Brainiac 2, who was a young alien boy given to the original Brainiac in order to create the illusion that the original was a living being.

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