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Rick Rubin to Produce New Metallica Album.


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Since this Rick dude is new to all of this, we thought it would be a nice gesture to help break him into the music business by asking him to produce our next record. We're very happy he said yes! In other words, we are psyched to share with you that Rick Rubin is producing the next Metallica album! FUCK YEAH!


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This Rick Rubin bashing is understandable, seeing as he's done some shitty stuff.

However, Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash got their best CDs produced by him and they're great.

Not to say he's a great producer though, but those CDs cannot be beat, the way they sound.

Now that metal/rap stuff I don't know shit about.

He also produced the best albums done by The Beastie Boys.

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And hasn't he produced all the recent Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, The Mars Volta, and Audioslave albums?

I mean, I loathe Metallica, but I actually think bringing Rubin in could help them out a little, definitely in the commercial aspect.

Exactly what I'm afraid of. Anyways, I guess I should at least be happy they booted Bob. He was the instigator of their decline in the 90's and now we're all better off. Maybe Rick will loan Lars some cash for a good set of drums. We all know how bad off Lars is, right?

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