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Which guitar?


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So for a while now I've been trying to teach myself guitar. The problem is that the only guitar I have is a shitty "backpacker's guitar" that doesn't have a full body and only has 15 frets. So my mom has offered to buy me a guitar, and we are going to Guitar Center on monday to look around and probably get one. So, seeing as my knowledge of guitars is limited to "fender is pretty good" I am taking my trusty friend Ceraziefish to help me pick one out. I am asking here for some input about what people might suggest. I don't know what the price range is, but I imagine it's around a couple hundred.

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Stratocaster: American made range from 600-1000 +

Mexican made range from 200-600

Stratocaster is your standard rock guitar, its great if you wanna play blues, its great if you wanna play alternative, anything its a great rock guitar but if your looking for a metal sound you probably wouldnt go with that as your first choice, though some artists like devin townsend use it for metal.

Telecaster, another classick rock guitar DEFFINITLY not for metal, once again good for blues, jazz, alternative, pretty much anything you want, VERY twangy sound. Telecaster prices are about the same as stratocasters.

those two guitars are your most common fender guitars, you'll find plenty more but they will be much more expensive and have a more tasteful sound.


Im not gonna list a bunch of ibanez guitars simply cause they have about 200 different kinds, but in general the cheaper ibanez guitars of 400 dollars or less are great for really finding your sound and the comfort of a guitar your looking for. The cheaper guitars are great all around guitars, eventually you'll want a better one since they arnt built well and have shitty pickups. More expensive guitars are primarily used for metal/prog, satriani, vai, and petrucci all started with ibanez. Prices can range from 200 into the thousands.


Gibsons are mad expensive. Period. Though if you do get a gibson, no matter what model guitar you know you're getting the real deal because they kick ass. Gibson can be used for anything, because it has been used throughout the decades by pretty much a major artist in every genre of music. Prices range from about 700 and up. (mainly in the thousands though)


Gibson owns epiphone which means epiphone makes every model guitar gibson does only for less money and lower quality, still a great playing guitar and is often underrated. Prices range from 300-800

ESP: Great for any metal, and ONLY metal. Prices MAINLY range from 200-800 but you can find really nice ones in the thousand dollar mark

Jackson: no matter how much anyone wants to argue jackson and esp are the same thing, both amazing for metal, same exact feel, same exact sound, its really a matter of preference on this one. Same price range as ESP.

so yea at guitar center you'll find plenty more guitars but those are the ones I'd focus on.

Just whatever you do don't invest in a squire cause you might as well be investing in satan's cornhole. Squires blow.

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Cip covered the bases better than I can being a bassist, but my favorite brand for design and playability is Fender guitars / basses.

Although ESP comes in a close second for me if you dig metal.

Ibanez rock aswell but I know very little about them and the makes and models aside from what I messed around with at Guitar Center -shrugs-

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As TKD knows, but I suppose the rest of you don't, I have a Squier Stratocaster and an Epiphone SG. I'll likely be going with him today (if he ever logs on AIM and tells me what time to get there...). In my opinion Squiers are fine for a beginner guitar. I still play mine occasionally. It just doesn't hold a tune worth shit.

But, yes, myself and another friend of ours who plays guitar are going to go with him to pick out a guitar and amp and such, because he needs one of those, too.

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Personally, I like Ibanez guitars. I have a Rg1570 Prestige, Japanese version and its definately my favorite guitar. Damn im love with neck of that little beauty. I changed the pickups though because the stocks sucked. Other reasons why I like my Ibanez guitar so much is because of options of having a 5 switch Strat style pickup selector, 2 humbucker (heavy stuff) and a single coil for clean sounds.

I if I was you i'd try out some guitars and choose the one that you like the tone of the most. If you are primarly playing heavy stuff I would avoid strats or other Single coil only guitars because, from my expierence they do not produce heavy distortion. That being said, if you like clean stuff, blues/country/classic rock Srats and Telecasters are awesome.

Although, if you still want a Strat style guitar (they are very versitile) and still have a heavy humbucker sound you can take out the bridge pickup and put in a Seymore Duncan Hotrail pickup, which is bassically a high output pickup, humbucker pickup made to fit into a Strat or Telecaster style guitar.

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Well, I went with a Fender Fat Strat with 2 single coil pickups and 1 humbucker and so far I am very happy with it.

thats an excellent choice, with the humbucker you'll be able to play more heavy stuff like metal and with the two single coils you can use for anything. Fat Strats are really nice I've been wanting one for a while actually.

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Err... What songs do you already know or hope to know. What artists do you listen to and say, "Man! I can't wait to be able to play that!"

I am currently learning Take Me Out, I can sort of play Crossroads as well as Iron Man (who can't) and Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger, I would love to learn some Presidents of the United States of America songs, but they use those funky Bassitars so it's hard to find tabs. It would be cool to learn some AC/DC, Aerosmith, Hendrix, Clapton, good blues, B52's, P-Funk and Maceo Parker to name a few.

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