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Help! I need a poem for school (preferably for tomorrow.)


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I'm doing a mini-project on poetry for my writting class, and one of the poems I chose was Judas Iscariot by Countee Cullen. I've checked a few times, but can't find it on Google, and I've lost the site I used to use for poetry. If anyone has the poem, or knows where I can find it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Not a big deal otherwise though. I'm sure I could take an extra day to photocopy a single poem out of a book.

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Exerpt from a Cullen website:

"The estate of Cullen does not wish you to sample his work. I am complying with their request to remove his poetry from this web site. Perhaps some day they realize that fan exhibition of his work on the web will do far more for spreading his word than publishing books. Here's what has been removed."

I think your fucked! You should've picked a more accessable poet, man.

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Damn. Oh well, I'm sure my teacher will understand and give me a bit more time to get it. I've got my stuff writen up already, so I'm not totally screwed.

Edit: Ha! What a coincidence. The next poem I'm working on happens to be Ozymandias.

Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look upon my Works ye Mighty and despair!

One of the few poems to have a narrative inside a narrative, at least for Shelley's time.

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