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Accelerated Evolution

Roma Victor


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It seems too much unlike a conventional MMORPG for me. It could be interesting, but I like running around with flaming swords and armor nobody would actually wear.

I liked that until WoW just totally over did it. Now I am just sick to death of outrageous looking armor and giant unwieldable weapons.

Anyways, this game looks kind of neat. The current graphics are kind of lame, but that's not always a big problem. As far as historical MMO's go though, I'm still holding out for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Nothing is cooler than pirates.

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My friends have a huge Ninjas vs. Pirates war that is quite amusing.

I always walk in and say "The honorable Samurai is above you both" and then observe their antics.

Samurai for the win

That would be what I'd say as well. And speaking of which, I want an MMORPG based in the Bakumatsu of Japan. How cool would the PvP be in that game?

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