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The Metal Thread I


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I think I'll make something of this thread by listing my favorite bands, so as to let everyone in what genres I prefer.

Black Sabbath


Iron Maiden

Judas Priest

Blind Guardian


Green Carnation


Iced Earth (Barlowe and before)

November's Doom





Looks like a combo of Classic, epic, and folk metal with various other bands factored in.

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The 1 kind of metal that I don't like ... is Classic Metal (ex. Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Judas Priest) The stuff that any metal fan SHOULD enjoy... for it's importance if anything .... I just never got into it

I guess I like the raw "We're just out to rock n' roll" sound.

I'm not a fan of death metal at all really, though I am a fan of black metal but mostly if I just want to jam my satanic head off.

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I just listened through the new In Flames release (Come Clarity) and ... while I must say it is an improvement over Soundtrack, it is still very nu-metal souding and all together disappointing.

If this were just "some band" then this would be a solid release in my opinion, but I know In Flames and I know what they are capable of. This is unacceptable.

Yes, change is indeed good, but only when it's for the better, this... is not one of those cases. Sorry In Flames, I've lost all hope

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Well the new album is great SO FAR from what I've heard of it. "Take This Life" is super good. I think for once, Anders wasn't talking out of his ass. First pinch harmonic I've heard in an In Flames song in years. Hahaha

Melodeath-whore strikes again!

There are DEFINETALLY a few keepers from this album. 'Take This Life' being one of them. But there are a few ... (cough cough SCREAM cough cough) that aren't the best hehe


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