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The Metal Thread I


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you guys should listen to pain of salvation

and my comp seems to think this monolithe CD is EoS' crimson, so it's acting all goofy ripping it. if all goes as planned my ambient/atmospheric funeral DOOM brothers will bask in this glory tomorrow sometime around 4 or 5 PST

Whoever doesn't already listen to Pain of Salvation should just kill themselves. Can't wait for the Monolithe :smile:

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I've got enough Slayer to last a lifetime, man. So, thanks anyway.

However, next time I'm on AIM anyone send me anything good.

I've dipped my foot into about every genre of music except metal, so.

I've always had an admiration for the cover art of most metal bands though.

So much more beautiful than most other genres in which the artist just puts himself on the cover.


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I don't mind emo if done right. Oh and, from what Iv'e heard, I already like GWAR and Rammenstein.

It's not actually emo, I just call doom metal bands like My Dying Bride 'emo' because they make fairly depressing songs like My Dying Bride's "My Hope, the Destroyer" or November's Doom's "Not the Strong".

GWAR is rockin' jawsome.

Crube: I've seen Elegant... somewhere.

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you better have some satanic warmaster, azaghal, and aghast by now to be making that claim angrysmilie.gif

oh yeah i made a BM smilie, apparently

and if you don't see me online harass mitch for that monolithe

I got some Satanic Warmaster and Azaghal ... Is Aghast that one chick band? With ties to the whole Norwegien BM scene?

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