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I had to ask. I never see folks post about these bands. Yep, BOC did way more than just Don't Fear the Reaper. I personally prefer their song Veteran of the Psychic Wars. And, Tull's sound is unique among bands. The flute makes a big difference.

TCZ, how did you know?...

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Fuck...Speaking of Norther, Till Death Unites Us drops on January 25th, which meaaaans that it's gonna leak pretty soon.

And I am not listening to ... Norther - Day Zero

Who here, besides Nick, has listened to Callenish Circle? cuz they fucking rock my cock off. If you're in the mood for some bitchin' melodeath (TCZ) then you should grab some of this off of me.

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count me in as well. It's a sad thing BOC had to be noted for 'don't fear the reaper' because despite it being a good song it doesn't represent what BOC was all about.

They're more remembered for Christopher Walken. BOC and Tull rock. I saw Tull live a few years ago.

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fresh meat:

for fans of darkane: http://www.vs-webzine.com/go_mp3.php?Idmp3=545

for fans of br00tal death (like... uh... insision, i guess): http://www.vs-webzine.com/go_mp3.php?Idmp3=544

for fans of black metal that DOESN'T suck: http://users.fulladsl.be/spb8833/site_gora..._precession.mp3

for fans of alcohol: http://www.devilleerot.com/sounds/Dlr-%20h...0will%20pay.mp3

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