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So, Anaal Nathrakh the once "STUDIO ONLY" band, will play their first EVER live shows, 2 to be exact in London and Birmingham ...

15th of December at The Underworld in Camden, London and

16th of December at Edwards #8 in Birmingham, England

Any of you (2) English motherfuckers gonna hit that shit up? You better...

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Woah, the new Avenged Sevenfold actually does rip.

Despite all theyre older stuff sucking balls, the new cd is pretty 80's metally.

Avenged = Own.

My friend went to their Halloween concert in Baltimore and their guitarist was dressed as Jesus. He described it as one of the best nights of his life, mainly because everyone there was on some sort of illegal drug.

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yeah, the album's pretty damn good, I was listening to some generic rock station on the radio and they were playing Bat Country (I didn't realize it at first) and I was really diggin it.

Bat Country is like my song right now.

Well that or Stay High.

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Finnish folk-influenced melodic death metal band ENSIFERUM, now featuring in its ranks NORTHER frontman Petri Lindroos, have completed work on their new EP, "Dragonheads", due on February 15, 2006 via Spinefarm Records. The mini-CD was recorded and mixed in November at Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki by Nino Laurenne (THUNDERSTONE) and was mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios. It will contain one new track, new studio recordings of several old demo songs, and a couple of traditional Finnish folk covers.

"Dragonheads" track listing:

01. Dragonheads

02. Warrior's Quest

03. Kalevala-Melody

04. White Storm

05. Into Hiding (AMORPHIS cover)

06. Finnish Medley (Karjalan Kunnailla - Myrskyluodon Maija - Metsämiehen Laulu)

Commented ENSIFERUM mainman Markus Toivonen: "I think the sound and musical contents on 'Dragonheads' are quite satisfactory. Everything went very smoothly, although I had my doubts as we now had three new members since we were at studio for the previous time."

The group's next full-length release is scheduled to be recorded in the summer of 2006. A European tour is tentatively slated to kick off in March 2006.

As previously reported, ENSIFERUM will film their New Year's Eve (Dec. 31) 10-year anniversary concert at the Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland for an upcoming DVD.

Yeeeuuh, can't fucking wait. I'm pretty skeptical though ... and even Toivonen says that the contents are quite satisfactory, that doesn't sound too splendid... But whatever, it's still new Ensiferum

P.S. It wasn't my idea to call the band "folk-influenced melodic death metal" :blink:

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Anyone interested as to how the new Darkthrone album (released: February 2006) will sound?

Well... here you go: Darkthrone - Too Old Too Cold

Please forgive the bad audio quality, this is a radio rip. It's a completely different Darkthrone this time around and to quote Fenriz himself: "Probably sounds something like Motorhead meeting Hellhammer on a crust punk/necrothrash gig in '85"

Enjoy :wink:

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The artwork for Operation: Mindcrime II has been revealed...:


Tracklisting is as follows:

01. I'm American

02. One Foot In Hell

03. Hostage

04. The Hands

05. Speed Of Light

06. Signs Say Go (Will I Surrender?)

07. Re-Arrange You

08. The Chase

09. A Murderer

10. Circles

11. If I Could Change It All

12. An Intentional Confrontation

13. A Junkie's Blues (Everything Will Be Alright)

14. Fear City Slide

15. All The Promises

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I'm ... I'm sorry

And on that note, despite popular beliefe the (new) lead singer of Decapitated did NOT actually quit the band. Although... The bassist did, but he's not important.

Then again, the new vocalist kinda sucks... so it would've been better if he had left. Anyway, whatever.

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