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Dude, if you find any pic of Turisas you get a fucking orgasmic metal pic. And at the same time a hilarious one

EDIT: Upon closer inspection, judging from the 3rd guy from the lefts expression, I don't even wanna know what the guy behind him is doing...

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Turisas guitarist got in a road accident in October. He's still in a pretty severe situation, but getting better. He's no longer on a respirator, so he's recovering.

On an unrelated note, recommend me some good Avant-Garde and experimetal metal artists. I've neglected that sort of stuff until recently.


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Today I give you the cover of the upcoming Korpiklaani album, and I know a few other people besides me can't fucking wait for this to be released.


The album is called "Tales Along This Road" (as you could see on the cover) and it is scheduled for a March/April 2006 release, and we pretty much know how much ass it's gonna kick

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Turisas guitarist got in a road accident in October. He's still in a pretty severe situation, but getting better. He's no longer on a respirator, so he's recovering.

On an unrelated note, recommend me some good Avant-Garde and experimetal metal artists. I've neglected that sort of stuff until recently.

oh, i don't know... ARC-fucking-TURUS???

a lot of people are into solefald also, but i don't dig em too much (not even the song about edvard munch :ohmy: ). i have harmonia universali though, if you're interested

and if you're not listening to winds, get on it. they're rad

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The artwork has been revealed for the upcoming Blind Guardian single, Fly...


The tracklisting will be as follows:

01. Fly

02. Skalds and Shadows (acoustic version)

03. In A Gadda Da Vida (IRON BUTTERFLY cover)

The acoustic version of "Skalds and Shadows" and Blind Guardian's version of the Iron Butterfly classic "In A Gadda Da Vida" (previously covered by Slayer) will only appear on the single and will not be featured on the band's new album, tentatively titled A Twist in the Myth.

The single is scheduled for release on February 24th, 2006.

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Suidakra have named their upcoming album Caledonia... That's all about that for now.

Neil Turbin (former Anthrax frontman) and his new band Niel Turbin's Deathriders have set A Fate Worse Than Death as the title of their upcoming album (previously, the album was to be called Diary of a Metal Thrashing Madman) The album is due out this year, and the tracklisting is as follows:

01. Metal Warriors

02. Relentless

03. Riders of the Apocalypse

04. Face Your Fears

05. The Test of Time

06. Dreams Never Die

07. Vipersoul

08. Among the Walking Dead

09. The Sun Will Rise Again

10. Angry World

11. Die to Live

12. Back From Hell

13. Afterlife

Moonspell is working on a new album that should be released this year, called: Memorial

And finally, the news that matters the most to me... Black/Thrash metal madmen Yyrkoon have finalized the tracklisting of their upcoming album Unhealthy Opera, which is due out February 20th, I for one cannot wait. The tracks will be as follows:

01. Something Breathes

02. Unhealthy Opera

03. From the Depths

04. Avatar Ceremony

05. Temple of Infinity

06. Abnormal Intrusion

07. Screaming Shores

08. The Book

09. Horror from the Sea

10. Lair...

11. ...Of Madness

12. Injecting Dementia

That's it for now...

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i've never really understood why people care when bands release the tracklists for their upcoming albums. unless i see a DEATH cover or something it's just kinda.... yeah

near the end of january i've got this bad boy to look forward to:



Hypocrisy , God Forbid

Sworn Enemy, Soilent Green

Raging Speedhorn, Manntis

Decapitated, With Passion

anyone else looking forward to this sexplosion of iron and blood?

ah crap, guess i should have made it clear that all of those bands are ONE FUCKING CONCERT \M/

if what i heard was right, the NILE and ANTHRAX tours are meeting up just when they hit SF so the pound (who i currently owe a testicle to) combined both into one bigass extravaganza for the soul. otherwise....

Anthrax WITH God Forbid, Sworn Enemy, and Manntis:

Fri 06 Jan Baltimore, MD Ram's Head Live

Sat 07 Jan NYC, NY Nokia Theatre

Sun 08 Jan Hartford, CT Webster Theater

Tue 10 Jan Allentown PA Crocodile Rock

Wed 11 Jan Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall

Thu 12 Jan St Louis, MO Pop's BUY NOW

Fri 13 Jan Chicago, IL House Of Blues

Sat 14 Jan Minneapolis, MN First Avenue

Sun 15 Jan Lawrence, KS Granada

Tue 17 Jan Wichita, KS The Cotillion

Wed 18 Jan Boulder, CO Fox Theater

Fri 20 Jan San Francisco, CA The Pound SF Outdoors

Sat 21 Jan Hollywood, CA The Avalon

and NILE “Annihilation of the Wicked Tour”

w/ special guests Hypocrisy, Soilent Green, Raging Speedhorn, Decapitated, and With Passion:

01-12-2006 Hi Tone Café, Memphis, Tenn

01-13-2006 Engine Room, Houston Tx

01-14-2006 Ridgles Theater, FT Worth, TX

01-15-2006 Sanctuary, San Antonio, TX

01-16-2006 travel

01-17-2006 Marquee Theater, Tempe AZ

01-18-2006 Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA

01-19-2006 Key Club, Los Angeles, CA

01-20-2006 The Pound at Pier 96, San Francisco, CA

01-21-2006 The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA

01-22-2006 Barbati;s Pan, Portland OR

01-23-2006 El Carazon, Seattle, WA

01-24-2006 travel

01-25-2006 Bluebird Theater, Denver CO

01-26-2006 Sokol Underground, Omaha NB

01-27-2206 Granada, Lawrence KS

01-28-2006 Pop’s, Sauget IL

01-29-2006 Star Central, Columbia Heights MN

01-30-2006 House Of Blues, Chicago, IL

01-31-2006 Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH

02-01-2006 Peabody’s. Cleveland OH

02-02-2006 Penny Arcade, Rochester, NY

02-03-2006 The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

02-04-2006 The Paladium, Worcester, MA

02-06-2006 BB Kings, New York, NY

02-07-2006 off

02-08-2006 Jaxx, West Springfield V

02-09-2006 Norva, Norvolk, VA

02-10-2006 Masquerade, Atlanta, GA

02-11-2006 Masquerade, Tampa, FL

02-12-2006 Culture Club, Ft Lauderdale, FL

which reminds me, if anyone has some raging speedhorn i'd like to hear that shit

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fuck soilent green? dude....

bwaha. i've had annihilation of the wicked on my comp for ... however long it's been out, and can only remember hearing one or two songs. don't dig me much uh that grunting br00tal death, nuh uh. ah shit, and nile's a death metal trio to boot. unless they pull a krisiun and blow my balls off without telling me, i'm not expecting much from their performance

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