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Suikoden IV got mediocre reviews.

Nothing to terribly bad though.

Its game rankings avg was 65.5

and that includes some low scores from the likes of OPM,

which is one of the worst mags around.

However, its neccesary to play

in order to fully appreciate Suikoden Tactics.

A game that recieved an avg above 7 out of 10,

which is a pretty good score.

Bad to mediocre games dont usually avg over 7.

And honestly, I thought the game was under rated at that.

People actually went so far as to say it had ps1 graphics.

Which aside from being utterly fucking absurd,

is also factually untrue, and helps to identify an incompetent reviewer.

The lower score for both games comes pretty directly

from their distance in the time line from the other 5 games.

Though honestly, 4 was easily the weakest game in the series,

Tactics was really the redeeming hero, because it made the game fun

and fleshed out a good deal of 4's story.

I would be happy if some story elements and/or characters from 4

were to make it into the story for 5.

And in fact, I would be surprised if they didn't.

5 looks to be the game that will restore the sterling reputation

that the Suikoden franchise enjoyed before 4 came out.

The series avg reviews go...

Suikoden - 85.4

Suikoden II - 82.7

Suikoden III - 87

Suikoden IV - 65.5

Suikoden Tactics- 71.4

(nothign available for the Suikogaiden games)

I fully expect V to avg above 8, and maybe around 9.

But this close to the next gen, I think its hard for a PS2 game.

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Another Nash is still up in the air.

I just want to know if Luca will at least make a cameo appearence. If this game takes place between 1 and 2 than I think he needs to be in it.

Luca would be a teenager at that point? A cameo probably wouldn't work too well. Though.. hell, they worked in Ted to S4. You never know.

S5 getting good reviews is nice. S4.. ah.. had some issues I hope are corrected.

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So is the whole game overhead? I sure hope so, because III's on-rails camera really pissed me off. I only played for about half an hour, and most of that time I was wondering through the first town getting lost because the camera angles kept misguiding me.

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The camera angles are still sort of a bitch,

because its done like a 2D rpg...but its 3D.

You can get stuck in spots where you can't see yer char,

and you can get lost behind buildings.

I wish they stuck with the free camera from 4.

Anyway, this game seems to be placed approximately 5 years

prior to Suikoden 1. Though it is related in story to 2 just as much.

Luca would be very young and very unlikely, but its still possible.

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