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Vidoes of my band at Toad's Place


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So Far I have 2 videos, but I will post more as people who bootlegged the show send them to me.

Monday my band played the famous Toads Place in Newhaven Connecticut. (http://www.toadsplace.com) A venue that has had famous acts like 'The Rolling Stones, Dream Theater, Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Faith No More, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Symphony X, Devin Townsend, VAST' and endless other excellent bands, too many to list. Next month Children of Bodom will also grace the stage.

Well, We had the honor of playing the same stage as all of those legendary bands and people, and heres 2 videos of us performing.

Performing our Original song 'Eternal Starscape' (named after our band, only a clip of the performance)- http://youtube.com/watch?v=WB3ZOxBhpv4&sea...nal%20starscape

Performing Trans-Siberian Orchestras 'Wizards in Winter' (only a clip of the performance) - http://www.youtube.com/?v=Ch4ZPTe5R5k

*added 2/24/06*

Performing our Original Song 'Soldier of Isolation' (basically entire song recorded, just first 10 seconds or so is cut off)

Soldier of Isolation



heres some photos -

Me rockin it out

Whole band shot

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Upon seeing the first video I would surmise that you are a good band and your guitar player is good. Your drummer is also good but he got offbeat and never really recovered.

The second video was also good. Pretty rockin.

Well first video theyres about 4 time signature changes in the song, at one point it goes from 4/4 to 7/4 and that may be where you notice a mishap.

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It doesn't make the song terrible or anything, but he does this thing that I notice a lot among the bands that practice at my school (yes, my school has a practice space for bands and a [semi functional] recording studio. Phear my school) which is that the drummers do things where they do a semi-drum solo in the middle of the song. It sounds good but they kind of fuck up sometimes. And get off beat.

But, yes, still good. Sorry to bitch about that, I just really like drumming and I have little tolerance for imperfect drumming (which is part of the reason I'm not a drummer).

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You guys are good, but I have some constructive criticism to offer.

1) Your drummer needs some work. In Soldier of Isolation I noticed him slowing the tempo down and getting off beat a couple times. It could've been a sound issue, I don't know.

2) Your guitarist's solos need some work. He fast but his solos have no melody and no feeling to them. I just hear someone trying to shred and show that they're fast, not trying to show that they can create melodic solos. A slow, but good and melodic solo is better than a bunch of crazy fast notes.

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That is seriously badass.

I don't have much to say that hasn't been said before. The drummer is pretty slick, though he seemed to get off in soldier of isolation, you have good stage presense, whereas your guitarist needs to do a bit more than just stand there and rock back and forth a little.

EDIT: Do you have an album? I like your music.

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